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Amazon Home and Furniture Item Dimensions Update

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Amazon Home and Furniture Item Dimensions Update

Do you use Amazon Home to sell furniture items? If so, this latest update applies to you.

In June 2020, Amazon announced that it has standardized its Home and Furniture item dimension attributes. This change applies to 30 product types, including rugs, pillows, curtains, mirrors, dressers, and more.

Amazon introduced these new dimensions attributes based on industry standards. Attributes include:

  • Item length
  • Item width
  • Item depth
  • Item height
  • Item thickness

The attributes required for a product is dependent on the selected product type. For example, if you're selling rugs, you must provide the item length and width, while depth and height aren't required. If you sell tables, you must provide information about the item's width, depth, and height, but not the length or thickness.

The change also reduces the acceptable values for unit of measure. For U.S.-based sellers, inches are the only allowed unit of measure. For other countries, dimensions must be provided in centimeters. All numeric, non-zero values will be accepted.

The Benefits

By standardizing these listings, the hope is to improve customers’ shopping experience by providing access to clear, complete, and accurate data about an item they're interested in buying.

Items will also be more discoverable and may improve sales conversion rates while reducing returns. This could be a huge win for sellers in the Home and Furniture product type.

Timeline for the Dimensions Update

As of July 2021, Amazon requires all new ASIN listings for the 30 Home and Furniture items to provide item dimensions. This is required for all products, whether they're created using inventory file templates or the "Add a Product" function.

Come October 2021, Amazon will require all item dimensions when creating or updating ASINs using feed integrators.

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