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There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to selling on Amazon. Below are answers to questions we’ve heard a time or two.

Will I have to pick pack and ship individual orders from my warehouse?

No. Part of our strategy is to use Amazon’s fulfillment program also known as FBA. You’ll be shipping bulk orders to Amazon’s fulfillment centers where they’ll pick, pack, and ship each order.

Will Amazon allow me to sell third party on Seller Central even though I’m already selling on Vendor Central?

Yes. Amazon addresses this in Vendor Central introduction literature, see below.

"Amazon has a number of third party sellers who list products on our site as well. In this scenario, Amazon acts like a shopping mall, with its direct retail business serving as the anchor store, and the third-party sellers acting like individual shops."

We don’t want to sell direct to consumer because it will create conflict with our existing channel partners.

If you’re already selling to Amazon’s retail division through Vendor Central, a third-party approach would benefit and create more opportunity for your partners as they would not be competing with Amazon. Contact us to learn more.

Can I continue to sell some items through Vendor Central while selling others on Seller Central?

Absolutely. We call this a hybrid model and encourage it in instances where there is a low sales price and/or high shipping and fulfillment fees.

Can you customize expense titles on the bookkeeping reports?

Yes, you are able to customize the names of expenses for easy reporting and mapping.

Are there any long term commitments or contracts?

No, both our consulting and software agreements are all month to month.

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