Amazon Strategies that work for Brands

We are an Amazon Consulting Agency that works exclusively with brands and manufacturers. Our team of Amazon experts develop successful strategies that put control back in the hands of our clients.


How We Can Help

We help brands take back control on Amazon. Our solutions are driven by our understanding of the platform and how it affects your operations, reputation, and other channels.

Vendor to Seller Transitions

Interested in Seller Central but have questions? We’ll perform a feasibility study, analyze margins, and provide a strategic road map for execution.

Seller Central Accounting

Inventory and sales flow through Seller Central differently than a wholesale model. Our years of experience and tools help you correctly record sales.

Amazon Distribution Agreements

Amazon is infamous for creating channel conflict for brands. However, if done correctly, Amazon can strengthen your partner relationships.

MAP Policy + Brand Protection

Brand erosion is a challenge most brands face today. Our professional MAP Policy Agreements address pricing issues at the root cause.

Returns + Reimbursements

Returns are an important part of a successful third-party model. Keep track of money owed and how to account for returned items that are sellable.

Amazon Marketing

Sponsored product ads, Enhanced Brand Content, A+ Pages, Product review generation, and Promotions.


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What Clients Say

Redesigned Retail has allowed us to grow our business as fast as we can keep up with. They have an unlimited bank of knowledge in the Amazon space including accounting, research, fees, keyword analysis, and optimization. Their software has been great for inventory planning purposes and keeping all of our items in stock.

Madison Galbraith — Bluewater Chemgroup

Amazon was previously the face on a dart board for us, but Redesigned Retail has taken our Amazon business from a negative to very good positive.

John Steadman — CK Products

Working with Redesigned Retail helped put our company back in the driver's seat. We regained control of our listings, our message, our pricing,  and most importantly, our brand. If you are lost in the Amazon fog, they are your light at the end of the tunnel.

Andy Conrad — Frame It All

Our traditional sales channels are changing along with internal parts of our business processes. Redesigned Retail helps facilitate that for us.

Craig Nelson — Ultimate Office

Working with Redesign Retail has increased our retail sales to the highest sales in over 60 years. Sourcing Redesigned Retail has been the best marketing decision we have made!

John Klotz — Klotz Synthetic Lubricants

Redesigned Retail’s help has been invaluable. Through their knowledge and experience of Amazon, we were able to make informed decisions that changed the way we do business on Amazon.

Jennifer Ssasich — Hugger Mugger