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Amazon MCF Fee Changes and Features June 2021

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Amazon MCF Fee Changes and Features, June 2021

If you're a seller on Amazon, you might be aware that Amazon is updating their fees and features for the Multi-channel fulfillment program. The update is already in effect and was set to come into effect from the 1st of June.

What Is Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

For those that aren’t aware, the Multi-channel fulfillment or MCF program allows businesses to sell on channels other than Amazon while utilizing Amazon's fulfillment network. This gives businesses a massive benefit and allows them to sell on multiple channels without having to worry about shipping orders.

Amazon charges a fulfillment fee that includes shipping to the customer and basic customer service for returns. However, this fee increased following the June update. Businesses that utilize the MCF program will need to take into account these changes. Here are the fee changes that business owners will have to face in June 2021.

Fee Changes

  • An average fulfillment fee increase of about 3%: the increase in fees reflects the changing fulfillment, transportation, and storage costs.
  • There’s also a greater alignment between MCF product size tiers and the fulfillment by Amazon tiers. Amazon will also add a new Small standard size. The size tier will include products that weigh less than 2 oz or less.
  • Amazon will also remove expedited and priority shipping options on large oversize and special oversize products.
  • Amazon will eliminate the packaging weight adjustment for all fees.
  • They'll include a new option to block orders from being shipped by Amazon logistics for an additional surcharge of 5%

The tables below outline the new MCF Fee Structure as of June 1st, 2021.

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