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ASINs Violating Amazon Title Guidelines to be Suppressed from Search

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Keith Elsass

Fix Your Titles by July 22, 2019

Yesterday Amazon announced that they will be suppressing ASINs whose titles do not comply with their product title requirements starting July 22, 2019. According to Amazon, research shows that ASIN titles that violate their policies result in poor customer experience. It's also been advised that you review Amazon's Product Title Requirements prior to July 15th, 2019 verify that your current titles meet all guidelines.

This could affect many ASINs being sold on Amazon, including yours. There are obvious restrictions that most professional sellers aren't likely violating, such as don't use phrases such as "free shipping" in your title. However, below is the list of new product title guidelines.

  • Titles must not contain promotional keywords and phrases, for example “free shipping”, “100% quality guaranteed”.
  • Titles cannot contain non-readable characters, such as HTML characters.
  • Title length must not exceed 200 characters.
  • Titles must have product identifying information, for example: “hiking boot”, “umbrella”.

It's a Good Idea to Go Through Your ASINs

It's a good idea to review your ASINs before July 22nd to be sure you aren't over the character limit or making an unintentional mistake that's against product title guidelines. We'd also be happy to help verify your titles are compliant. Our best advice is to be proactive in the matter.

As Amazon continues to provide the best customer experience possible, policy changes like this have become common. If you recall, last year alone there were similar policy changes regarding main images, search term character limit (250), and proposition 65 requirements. Although they mandate time and effort, these policy changes not only improve customer experience but brand presentation as well.

To see what other sellers have to say about this policy change check out Amazon's Seller Forum here. If you'd like help with your titles or have questions, feel free to contact us any time.

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