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Congratulations Team RR Class of 2019!

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Kyle Herman

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

Last weekend Redesigned Retail and self proclaimed "Team Rail Road" from Purdue University met at Parkview Field to celebrate a year of hard work and achievement. After weeks of bad weather, the clouds parted and rain stopped for our celebration. It was a perfect day to be at the ballpark with friends.

We met Team Rail Road the summer of 2018 when participating in a technology adaption program sponsored by the State of Indiana in conjunction with Purdue University. Early on, we knew this was a dedicated and talented group. The team consists of five students (Urvi Joshi, Joel Stauffer, Aneesh Raman, Asfand Surhio, & Matt Hunt) and one extraordinary professor, Dr. Zehseng Chen.

Our relationship with team Rail Road flourished throughout the year in the form of internships and a Senior Design Project. The partnership created efficiencies in our reporting services making our data more current and relevant to our clients.

I Don't Care if I Ever Come Back

Well actually I do care if Team Rail Road ever comes back and hope they do. However, now that they stand alongside legendary Purdue Alumni such as Neil Armstrong, Drew Brees, and Phil Herman; there's no question success is in their future. Some of the lucky businesses that they'll be joining include Med Pro a Berkshire Hathaway Company, Do It Best Corp, and Aptera. We are also happy to announce that some of Team Rail Road will continue their work with us as part of Team Redesigned Retail.

Root Root Root for the Home Team

Okay enough with the baseball theme. I want to thank everyone involved and wish my friends from Team Rail Road the best of luck in all their endeavors.

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