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Step-by-Step: What to do When Someone Files a Copyright Claim Against You

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Kyle Herman

Due to the cut throat and competitive nature of the Amazon marketplace, copyright claims are becoming more common for brands large and small. Sellers are targeting each other to destroy competition.

If you find yourself victim of a false copyright claim, follow these instructions to win the dispute and resume selling.

Step 1

Create an email going to

Step 2

Download this Word Document and fill in the highlighted blanks.

Preview of the downloadable template
Step 3

Input the following in the quotes as the header of your email: “DMCA Counter Notice to Complaint ID [INPUT COMPLAINT ID] (signed version attached)”.

Step 4

Create a PDF version of ALL info in Step 2 and attach it to your email. The PDF must include your signature. If you do not include the PDF version in an attachment Amazon will reject your DMCA counter notice.

Step 5

Save this process so you can use it in the future if you need. Your ASIN will be reinstated. The process takes around 10 days to complete. Do not include the brackets around input areas.


Following these steps forces the company to legally prove their copyright complaint in a court of law. Most likely they will not take you to court. Amazon will almost always side in your favor using the process I have stated. You will need to follow this process against each individual complaint against you, not each individual ASIN. This will work. You should not get in the habit of overusing this process and it should only be used if you can not resolve the dispute in question by working with the complainant directly. You should always try to resolve the dispute first with the complainant and if you can’t, simply follow the steps above. I want to point out that Amazon only accepts a copyright dispute as resolved IF the complainant agrees to not only withdraw the copyright complaint, but to also allow you to reinstate the content that they claimed copyright against in the first place.

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