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Bluewater Chemgroup

How Bluewater Chemgroup overcame the Amazon blues and leveraged the Sales Channel into a multi-million dollar business.

May 2016

What They Do

Bluewater Chemgroup is one of the most innovative liquid chemical manufacturers in the industry. Their product line includes cleaners, dyes, oils, and aquatic chemicals to name a few.

The Primary Goal

Bluewater Chemgroup needed to regain control of the Amazon marketplace while increasing sales and profit margins on new and existing products. Unknown sellers they had never heard of were eroding their brand and things on Amazon seemed hopeless. Bluewater found themselves in a situation that’s familiar to many businesses experiencing problems with Amazon. Although the Amazon marketplace can seem overwhelming, it’s possible to regain control with the right strategy.

How We Helped

After discussing their goals and objectives with Redesigned Retail, Bluewater was ready to start implementing their Amazon strategy. The first step was identifying who was selling their products on Amazon and how to make them stop. With the understanding of who was selling their products, Bluewater could develop and execute an Amazon distribution policy. In doing so the control was put back in their hands, allowing them to increase margin and product offering.

The Final Results

Working with Redesigned Retail, Bluewater has been able to take back control of their brand on Amazon while, increasing profit margin, sales, and product offering. In less than three years, Bluewater has added 96 new products totaling 70% of their Amazon revenue. They also saw 119% growth in the past year on their original product line.Bluewater also increased their margin over 20% compared to wholesale by selling direct to consumer on Seller Central.


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