Vendor to Seller Transition

EverLast Batteries

How we helped EverLast Batteries charge their Amazon business and increase sales over 6X in less than one year.

March 2018

What They Do

EverLast is one of the leading brands of high performance batteries that you can trust. They have a complete line of products for powersports, cars, trucks, boats, fleet vehicles, and generators.

The Primary Goal

EverLast came to us in 2018 looking for help moving from Vendor to Seller Central. Unsatisfied with their brand's current situation on Amazon they were exploring third-party options on Seller Central. Unable to make simple detail page changes along with numerous batteries being misclassified and restricted for sale, they knew there had to be a better way.

How We Helped

The first thing we helped EverLast do was analyze their Vendor Central sales history and inventory on hand. We planned a road map on how to transition skus from Vendor to Seller Central with minimal impact on their current operations and cash flow. Once this transition took place we helped optimize their Seller Central catalog.

The Final Results

In less than one year, EverLast has regained control of their brand on Amazon and increased sales over 600%. Much of this incremental growth is attributed to their aggressive marketing strategy and brand messaging which was made possible through a third-party model. 14 months later, sales are still increasing month after month.


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