Vendor to Seller Transition

CK Products

You can have your cake and eat it too. CK Products manages Amazon on their own terms.

February 2017

What They Do

CK Products has been designing and manufacturing their own American-made cake accessories, decorating products, and candy molds for over forty years.

The Primary Goal

CK Products found themselves in a situation that will be familiar to many businesses that have a wholesale relationship with Amazon. The sales opportunity is unparalleled with over 55% of online shoppers starting their product search on Amazon. Clearly the channel can’t be ignored but it also seems impossible when considering the strict guidelines and cost involved with chargebacks and order processing. CK knew they had to regain control of the situation but were unsure if or how that was possible. That’s when they discovered Redesigned Retail.

How We Helped

After identifying CK’s goals and objectives for Amazon, Redesigned Retail developed a strategy that made those goals attainable. Redesigned Retail analyzed CK’s Vendor Central catalog to identify which items made more sense for Seller Central. Extensive market research was also done to identify and create unique product offers. Once CK’s Seller Central catalog was created, product was shipped and marketing campaigns were started. As sales occurred, Redesigned Retails forecasting and accounting tools were implemented so that demand was met and sales were recorded properly.

The Final Results

Working with Redesigned Retail has given CK Products the ability to take back control of their brand on Amazon and leverage the sales channel. In the first four months, CK added 103 new skus that generated over $100,000 in revenue. By the end of their second year, CK’s Seller Central catalog included over 200 products with combined sales exceeding $690,000.


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