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Providing the necessary tools for success. How Report Services helped Frame It All garden beds manage their FBA forecasting and bookkeeping.

October 2018

What They Do

Frame It All is the premier manufacturer of raised garden bed kits and accessories. They are the only manufacturer using food-grade safe composite to make their beds.

The Primary Goal

In the Fall of 2018 we helped Frame It All transition their Vendor Central business to Seller Central. It was their off season and the process was quick and painless. However with their peak season approaching that Spring, Frame It All needed help with the operational differences Seller Central presents.

How We Helped

Vendor and Seller Central are fundamentally different when it comes to demand management and bookkeeping. Our Report Services made those differences much less intimidating for Frame It All. They began using our Restock Report to forecast what and how much inventory to ship to Amazon. When products sold they used our Bi-Weekly Settlement Report to easily record sales and expenses.

The Final Results

Frame It All is comfortably enjoying the benefits of Seller Central this Spring. The operational challenges of a third-party model have been simplified, allowing Frame It All to focus on sales growth and brand messaging. Redesigned Retail Report Services, helped make a third-party model on Amazon manageable.


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