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QBC Craft Products

Seller Central isn't a hobby. See how our accounting tools made QBC Craft Products' bookkeeping manageable.

December 2015

What They Do

QBC Products started as an idea and has developed into a fledgling small business providing the best adhesive vinyl sheets and crafting products.

The Primary Goal

QBC Craft Products had no problem selling their adhesive vinyl on Amazon. Their ad campaigns had ACOS’s most sellers can only dream of. The problem was managing those sales and understanding their true bottom line. This is when they found Redesigned Retail.

How We Helped

With the help of Redesigned Retail’s Amazon Accounting Software, QBC was able to get the clarity that they needed on their Amazon sales and expenses. They used the settlement report to get current and properly record sales and expense from years past.

The Final Results

Using Redesigned Retail’s Amazon Accounting software has improved the quality of QBC Craft Products financial reporting. With sound books they are able to focus on the important things like new product development and continuing to run astonishing sponsored product ad campaigns.


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